Redevelopment Process | Redevelopment Procedure | Mumbai

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Procedure | Steps for Redevelopment

Step 1 – Requisition for convening Special General Body Meeting for Redevelopment of Society’s Building

Step 2 – Convening Special General Body Meeting

Step 3 – To accept written suggestions from members relating to redevelopment of the building

Step 4 –  Decisions to be taken in the Special General Body Meeting

Step 5 –  Providing minutes of Meeting to all members

Step 6 –  Issuing Appointment Letter to the Redevelopment Project Management Consultants / Redevelopment PMC

Step 7 – Work to be done in the initial stage by Redevelopment Project Management Consultants / Redevelopment PMC

Step 8 – Action to be taken on receipt of redevelopment Project Report

Step 9 – Preparing List of Bids Received

Step 10. Selection of Developers

Step 11  Agreement to be entered into with Developer:


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