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Redevelopment PMC | Redevelopment Project Management Consultants

We are Mumbai leading Redevelopment Project Management Consultants , incase you you need any support for redevelopment for your society

Call us : + 91 98335 45366

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– We have a highly qualified team of Architect , Civil Engineers , Lawyers and legal experts in the areas of Redevelopment as Redevelopment Project Management Consultants
– We are currently managed and consulted more than 40+ Society in the areas of Redevelopment
– We have our projects running in Dahisar , Borivali , Kandivali , Malad , Goregaon , Jogeshwari , Andheri , Santacruz , Vile Parle , Juhu , Lokhandwala , Oshiwara , Bandra , Khar

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  1. joshi says:

    We are thinking of redevelopment for an apartment in Pune and looking for an independent feasibilty report

    Do you specialize in pune market and if so what are your indicative rates for feasibility report and the duration ?

  2. AnilKumar Pathare says:

    Anilkumar Pathare
    Deepti Apartment
    3rd floor flat no.6
    Uthalsar, Nr.shankar
    Mandir, Thane (w)

    Contact: 9969017581

  3. Kunal Soni says:


    I am residing in Blue Diamond, Dahisar East & my socity is keen on Redevelopment. Kindly advise your charges for consulation.

    Kunal Soni
    +91 9930956680







  5. Mukesh kadakia says:

    we r in real estate . we r going to organize event , seminar & exhibition for deemed conveyance & redevelopment in Kandivali west for housing society & real estate peoples .

    Please send your profile to us .

    thanks !

    Mukesh Kadakia
    09322401847 / 09022011847 / 022-32227045 /

  6. Vishwakarma Developer says:

    We do redevelopment project as well as new project so if there is any kind of redevelopment project going on in Navi Mumbai please do reply us back on specified email-id.

  7. Manoj says:

    As a 1st step, we have approched the builder for conveyance of our society. Thereafter if the builder won’t show any interest we will go the deemed conveyance procedure.

    We have in total 60 flats in our society & just wanted to what will be the total cost for deemed conveyance procedure

  8. Redevelopment PMC says:

    Hello Friends

    We are experienced and Senior Counselors and Analysts for Redevelopment of Housing Societies and Society Laws since last many years with in-depth study of integral techniques and are exclusively skilled in the various areas of Redevelopment of Housing Societies and Society Laws.

    The Resident Members/Managing Committee Members of Housing Societies, Tenants of Cessed/Non-cessed Buildings in South Mumbai gain valuable insights about the fundamental guiding principle of various laws applicable in the process of redevelopment.

    Our professional competence in the field of redevelopment is the outcome of skilled application of our knowledge and expertise. This includes interviewing and counselling skills, negotiation and mediation skills, research and writing skills, communication and advocacy skills, drafting skills, fact gathering and articulation skills, time and stress management skills, etc. all of which can be acquired through our guidance on entire process of redevelopment supported by theoretical learning.

    It is indeed our pleasure to introduce our exceptionally unique websites distinctively designed to educate the adolescent Members, Managing Committees and Tenants of thousands of Co-operative Housing Societies and Tenanted Buildings who like to learn what is redevelopment and its built-in intricacies.

    We hold direct interaction with the Resident Members/Managing Committee Members/Tenants on the various parameters that are involved in Redevelopment of Housing Societies and solve most of their problems/provide adequate direction to represent their cases to various authorities. At present, we have around 70 to 80 Housing Societies including Cessed/Non-Cessed Buildings from Western/Central Suburbs and South Mumbai on our scroll that regularly avail our services at any point of need.

    We are well practiced in major laws such as Transfer of Property Act, 1882, Registration Act, 1908, Indian Contract Act, 1872, CRZ laws, State laws like Maharashtra Ownership Flats (Regulation of Promotion of Construction, Sale, Management and Transfer) Act, 1963, Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Societies Act, 1960, Stamp Duty Laws, Development Control Rules, Environmental Law, Tree Cutting Laws, Municipal Laws, Slum Redevelopment Scheme etc.

    If there are serious irregularities in the process of redevelopment and when they are noticed halfway, they can jeopardize the redevelopment and the consequences can be severe as what the law does not permit, cannot be done either by the Builder/Developer or by the Society.

    We are earnestly thankful to our Media Partners Times of India (Times Property), Hindustan Times (HT Estate), The Economic Times, Navbharat Times, CW Property, Mumbai Mirror, MAGICBRICKS and First Post for awarding suitable coverage to our articles and publishing our expert comments encompassing various features ruling the Redevelopment of Housing Societies and Societies Laws.

    The most important factors that bring out the successful results in any project of redevelopment and they are 1) The selection of correct Builder/Developer and 2) The precise drafting of legal documents governing the entire process of redevelopment.

    The Housing Societies often get confused about choosing the best or right or so to say, one HONEST BUILDER / DEVELOPER. There are many cases where the dreams of Members of the Housing Societies are crashed when the terms of Development Agreement are breached and time schedule of completion of project is not maintained by such insatiable Builders and Developers.

    There are types of voracious Builders/Developers of III tire who have abandoned or have delayed the redevelopment projects due to various reasons mainly due to paucity of inflow or diversion of funds from the assigned projects in order to acquire/pocket more and more projects beyond their financial means or are simply not capable to execute them due to lack of competency and precision.

    Since the redevelopment of a property is an exigent issue now a days with offending Builders/Developers and their felonious and offending treats to inexperienced Managing Committees of Housing Societies, we especially impress our Client Societies to be vigilant on the issues like Delivery Delays, Broken Promises, Breach of Trust, Cheating, Unfair Trade Practice, Deficiency in Service, Abandonment of Redevelopment Projects half way, Corruption and Malpractice to pocket the Redevelopment Assignment, Illegal Constructions, Violation of Acts, Laws and Rules etc.

    Redeveloping a home is a major decision for the lifetime and one would not want to take chances. It is said that till you do not leave your Society, you are the KING. The day on which you handover your property to the Builder/Developer for redevelopment and leave your Society, the Builder/Developer is the KING.

    Our articles are published by numerous websites on Internet for the benefit of Housing Societies in Mumbai to educate their Members and caution them to be cautious from irregularities and illegalities in redevelopment by the Builders/Developers, targeting the naïve and innocent Members by major numbers of corrupt Managing Committees, Rampant Corruption in BMC, Flagrant violation of Rules and Regulations by the Builders/Developers and how to beware of Cheat and Fraud Builders/Developers and their dishonest acts.

    We are well equipped with almost all the areas with regular updates of latest developments in Realty Sector and provide an exclusive knowledge to tackle unresolved problems and solutions for successful and winning completion of redevelopment projects which is a dream of the day for any middle class family man. However, there are numerous factors/questions that arise during the ongoing process of redevelopment and they are to be taken care of diligently by seeking advice/counseling from Redevelopment Experts who are abundantly conversant with Laws of Redevelopment.

    We persistently endeavor our best by updating our website periodically to cater the unsurpassed knowledge of various aspects of redevelopment and unique articles written with exclusively powerful, precise and easy-to-understand content for every individual.

    We request our beloved patrons of all Housing Societies/Apartment Owners/Cessed and Non Cessed Buildings in their apex interest to regularly visit/revisit our websites and stay updated on latest features covering up-to-the-minute topics including Govt. Policies on Realty Sector related to redevelopment.

    A Redevelopment Agreement, as the name suggests, is Principal Agreement executed for the redevelopment of an old building, between the Office Bearers of Managing Committee/Landlords and the Builder/Developer. But it’s not as simple as it sounds; the Housing Societies/ Landlords need to exercise necessary caution to ensure that the residents’ corporate interest is safeguarded.

    The legal documents concerning the redevelopment projects are essentially to be precise and leaving no room for any ambiguity on the agreed terms. Documents drafted meticulously ensure that the parties truly agree on the contents and prevent future disputes caused by differing interpretations of the document. Drafting/Vetting of legal documents accurately is our privileged skill requiring close attention to terms and conditions to be documented in favour of the Society.

    While it is easy to draft terms addressing the primary purpose of a legal document, the best documents anticipate all those possible events that might interfere with the client’s intent. We anticipate these events to help our Client Societies/Landlords to determine and arrest such eventualities in documentation.

    We are well adept in Laws governing the Redevelopment of Housing Societies and distinctly experienced in DRAFTING /VETTING / ANALYZING / SCRUTINY and INSPECTION of Documents like Feasibility Reports, Tender Documents, Draft of Memorandum of Understanding, Development Agreement, Power of Attorney, Bank Guarantee and Individual Agreement to be executed with each member of the Society that are generally provided by the Builders/Developers to the Housing Societies which are drafted in a manner to provide escape areas/full protection to the Builders/Developers by neglecting the vital terms and conditions protecting the interest of the Society.

    The venture of redevelopment of any property involves a massive volume of multi-crores of rupees as also the fate and future of all the Resident Members of the Society. Once the property is handed over to the Builder/Developer, the Society has only legal documents in their hand to rely upon, in case of any adverse situation in accomplishing the successful task of the redevelopment. Our approach in respect of drafting/analyzing all the legal documents pertaining to the redevelopment is scientific and systematic.

    After precise and meticulous study, these drafts after methodically vetted, scanned and scrutinized theoretically by us and the gray areas/pitfalls and shortfalls are exposed and a written report is given to our Client Society apprising them the areas of alerts and awareness and impress upon the Builder/Developer to include/provide due coverage before finalizing all the legal documents of redevelopment in corporate interest and safety of the Societies to achieve the desired results.

    The Housing Societies must study and understand and try to forestall the pitfalls under Financial/Legal and Technical areas to be termed in Development Agreement benefiting the Members as many of these areas are conveniently ignored/not documented in the Development Agreement and we impress upon the Housing Societies to impress upon and compel the Builder/Developer to add those ignored conditions in Development Agreement in the corporate interest of the Society to protect their hard earned homes.

    We are prepared to provide in most flawless and impartial manner, our all-round competent consultancy services pertaining to redevelopment project of your Society including required comprehensive guidance online. All our Client Societies in Mumbai and Maharashtra have been successfully benefited by our all-round and timely assistance for successful completion of their redevelopment projects.

    At any point of need, our association with you shall remain online for any legal advice/clarification all the way through which would benefit your Managing Committee while negotiating the consequential and important terms with the Builders/Developers, sorting out multifaceted or intricate issues pertaining to the redevelopment project of your Society.

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